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Wondrous New Year

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Happy New Year from one pensive baby...Just knowing that the dozing little gal in my husband’s lap is likely going to walk, talk and join her first LAN party this year (okay, maybe not that one) is exceedingly humbling.

Used to be that each year would be a whole lot like the last: peppered with brief moments of elation and sorrow, boredom and busy-ness and procrastinating about the laundry. But not this year. Miss E will smell her first flowers, take her first steps, get her first sunburn, eat her first foods. Because everything is new for her there’s a newness about everything for me, the opportunity to slow down and just appreciate hour by hour the world expanding for my little girl.

People often talk about children being the greatest gifts and really, as exhausting as I find the cheesiness sometimes, it’s true. She’s a wonder because she reminds me of everything else wondrous.

Author: Jillian Kuhlmann

Mama. Nerd. Writer.

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