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There’s more to toddlers than the terrible twos!


There's more to toddlers than the terrible twos!It’s unfortunate that the many fascinating aspects of the toddler years are often overshadowed by the challenges. I know I’m guilty of talking about the “terrible twos” or referencing a recent tantrum when asked about how Ev is doing, but I have been absolutely amazed by how much he is developing, too, and how fast.

I told my husband that I feel like he does or says something new every single day. His communication skills not only blow me away, but are also very entertaining.

Ev has about 30 words in his vocabulary (though there are of course those words that we’ve heard clear as day once and never again). The other day when I was putting Ev in his car seat, he was complaining and pointing to his leg. I didn’t understand what he wanted so he had to get creative. Continuing to point, he said, “It’s open, it’s open.” I realized he was uncomfortable because his pant leg was scrunched up! I was so impressed. While his usage wasn’t exactly correct, it was the best word he had and he was able to communicate what he needed.

I also enjoy the way he imitates others in his play. He uses plastic bananas for phones and wood blocks for pretend food, and his social skills are really growing. While he still prefers to play near another child and not really with them, I have seen him engage in pro-social behavior, including smiling and trading toys.

While I can’t take all of the credit, I feel proud of the child Ev is becoming every single day.

2 thoughts on “There’s more to toddlers than the terrible twos!

  1. 30 words! I have colleagues with less… and they are certainly not “pro-social”. Enjoy him!

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