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Remember the good times? My son does!


Children will remember the good and the bad. So make your moments with them count whenever you can!I have written before about how my husband and I want our interactions with our son to be meaningful. Well, the other day I found out how true that really is.

Ev has had wood animal magnets for about a year now that we pull out to keep him busy when he is in the kitchen with one or both of us. Three of those magnets have been missing for almost as long as we’ve had them, but their absence has gone unnoticed by Ev, so why mention it?

During his most recent magnet play, Ev discovered that on the bottom of the container that held the animal magnets there was a picture of each animal included. We proceeded to match each animal on the bottom of the container to each animal hanging on the dishwasher. But there was no tiger, pig or horse. I felt it necessary to come clean and tell him about the missing animals. I told him I believed them to be under the fridge. We talked about how we could get the magnets and after several failed attempts with our fingers, Dad moved the fridge. Lo and behold, under the fridge was the tiger, pig and horse. Ev got his magnets, we talked about what animals they were and added them to the collection on the dishwasher.

A few days later, Ev and I were in the kitchen. The magnets were placed haphazardly on the dishwasher.  Ev, seemingly to himself, pointed to the horse and, with excitement, said “horsey.” He then said, “Where’s the pig?” When he found it, he giggled and repeated this process with the tiger. To some this may not seem like a big deal, but I was shocked. I was amazed that Ev remembered which animals had gone missing.

The real shock was that Ev really does remember things. Of course at first  thought of all of the things I don’t want him to remember (like my use of inappropriate language), but after my paranoia subsided, I thought about all the really fun and engaging times we have and it gives me comfort to think that Ev might remember them. I like to think that if Ev ever has a sad moment at child care when he is missing home or his parents, that he can remember some happy times. While I have been much more conscientious about the words that come out of my mouth in heated moments, realizing that Ev can remember something as simple as an exchange about his magnets reiterates the thoughts I have had all along: that our time together is special and should be treated as such.

4 thoughts on “Remember the good times? My son does!

  1. Such special times now and in the future for all 3 of you. Ev’s mind is truly like a sponge just soaking up everything! Enjoy every moment.

    • I never really understood that comparison to a sponge. But now I get it. He takes in everything! Today, once I picked him up from child care I told him we were going home and he said ” No, Krogers”. I didn’t even know he knew that was a place.

  2. It is AMAZING what kids remember! There is a park we don’t visit often that Keira just calls “the park where Mommy got mad.” And this happened almost 2 years ago! She was about 2.5 at the time and it just breaks my heart that she still holds onto that memory. I think any emotionally charged event (for kids or adults) means they hold onto the memory. With this theory, most of her school day must NOT be very emotionally charged as it is so difficult to get info about her day! Since Ev remembered the magnets, it must have been a really special moment when you guys found them. Hope you didn’t find any nasty surprises under the fridge!

    • Every day, I am shocked about what Ev recalls (and then what he can’t seem to recall like it’s a rule we don’t throw dinner across the room). “Emotionally charged” is a good way of thinking about experiences that might trigger that recall button in children.

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