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I’ve Got 99 Problems, and First Birthday Parties Ain’t One


When it comes to children's birthday parties, what's important to you and your child is what matters... not what all of the other moms are doing.With Miss E’s first birthday right around the corner, party planning is in full swing. And it is so hard not to indulge in ridiculous, overblown visions of what it could or should be. But a boat load of money I do not have, and if I did, I wouldn’t be spending it on a birthday party, but college… my student loans, and saving for my daughter’s. Miss E’s first birthday party doesn’t have a color palette. I didn’t send out invitations. And I won’t be making or buying party favors. Is there a problem with any of these things if mama and dad have the time and inclination? Of course not (they’re freakin’ cute). But I don’t.

What my daughter’s first birthday party will have is a cake I’ll bake for her, because I actually like baking (and cake). It will have a new story book for folks to sign, so she can read their messages to her on her first birthday when she’s celebrating her sixth, her tenth, her thirtieth. There will be balloons, but there will also be compostable paperware. There will probably be tears and not-sharing and lots of teething-related drool, but these are baby things. Human things. And that’s okay.

Most importantly, her first birthday party will have as many of the people who love her in one space as we can manage. So if I do cave and try to make homemade doughnut holes and they totally bomb, I’ll know it really doesn’t matter.

Author: Jillian Kuhlmann

Mama. Nerd. Writer.

4 thoughts on “I’ve Got 99 Problems, and First Birthday Parties Ain’t One

  1. Color Palettes? Ain’t nobody got time for that! I feel that Pintrest is trying to make us all look bad. I swear those color coordinated parties were professionally planned. I mean… no mom would have time to pull that off. Right? … unless they left their baby crying in a corner somewhere, while they toiled over pinks and yellows… or greens and blues… ugh.

    And… you do have a theme… love and practicality. Congratulations. 😉

  2. I recently showed my 4 year old a video from her 1st birthday party. She squealed with delight at seeing her wee self eat cake on the video and loved seeing messages from her relatives. At NO point did she ever, ever, ever mention the colour co-ordinated polka dot decorations that I painstakingly made and hung.

    You are one smart Mama for not getting caught up in that hype.

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