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Time is On My Side

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Hello, new baby. Goodbye, free time.Time.  Such a simple word.  Such a simple concept.  But with a new baby, it seems so foreign.  Before baby Bryce I had time to do things I enjoy, like read a book or go to the gym and work out.  Now I feel like I barely have time to blow dry my hair or vacuum the house!

Babies take time. Period.  They need the basics: baths, food and diaper changes, but they also need love and affection.  The love and affection part is my absolute favorite part, even if it is the most time consuming.   Reading stories, rolling balls or building towers to watch him knock them down – anything to make him smile.  That’s what I want to spend my time doing now.

I know that if I wanted to, I could still make time to do all those things I used to do, but for me spending time with my new baby and as a family has taken precedence over those things.  Children grow up.  I want to spend every moment that I can witnessing the little changes that occur in my baby every day.  My hair can dry without me blow-drying it; the house doesn’t NEED to be vacuumed everyday.

Of course, I can still read. I just choose to read board books now.

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