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Dinner with friends… or not


Planning a dinner out with friends? Baby might have a different plan in mind.Recently, a good friend was in town for her brother’s wedding and wanted to meet us for dinner. She, of course, wanted the baby to come as she had only seen him once, when he was just a couple weeks old. Bringing the baby to dinner sounded simple enough, but actually bringing him proved to be more difficult than planned.

We set our dinner date for 6:30. Bryce usually eats dinner around 6, so we figured 6:30 would be fine. Upon arrival at the restaurant, we discovered that they did not have a place for a high chair at the table they had reserved for us. The restaurant was very busy so we had to wait for a new table where they could sit all seven of us, including the baby’s high chair.

Geoff and I had brought a few toys for Bryce to play with. Within 10 minutes he decided those toys were of no interest to him. He quickly began tossing them to the ground one after another as we chased them down and picked them up to return them to him, as if we were his trained retrieving dogs. Then, 20 minutes into our wait, he started getting more vocal. We knew he was hungry, and luckily had packed some puffs (a must have for anyone with small children). But those were on the floor soon, too, and Bryce decided he was tired of being held. Hesitant to let him down to the ground on his own, I let him walk around while I held his hands (he isn’t walking on his own yet).

We were now about 30 minutes into our wait for the new table, and Bryce was clearly not impressed. We tried toys, more puffs, peek-a-boo, singing songs, bouncing, walking and everything else we could think of. At this point, I couldn’t help but think, maybe it would just be better to call it an evening and go home. But, we stayed and my friends continued to have adult conversations, enjoying the wait by sharing what they have been up to and talking about work and personal things, just catching up. I tried to add my two cents when possible but Bryce certainly had another plan for my attention. I longingly wished I could be a more active participant in their conversations and share what I have been up to, but I guess at this point in our wait it was pretty clear!

Finally, after waiting for 50 minutes, our table was ready. As soon as I sat him in the high chair, he became very vocal. He was obviously trying to tell me, and the rest of the restaurant, that he was ready to eat! I quickly got out the food I had brought for him and began shoveling spoonful after spoonful in his mouth. The waitress came to get our order and I hadn’t even looked at the menu. I asked the waitress her favorite meal and I ordered that. I finished feeding Bryce all the food I had brought for him and he was still not satisfied. He whined for more so I got him some more puffs. Those kept him entertained long enough for me to scarf down my salad as quickly as I could. The meal, thankfully, came out very quickly. I had ordered salmon and steamed broccoli, the perfect meal to break into small pieces for Bryce. So that’s what I did. I think he really enjoyed my $17 meal, and I was glad that he allowed me to have a couple bites.

I think my friends had a nice time visiting, catching up, and sharing stories with each other. Next time, hopefully I will be able to join in, too.

2 thoughts on “Dinner with friends… or not

  1. Haha your story is mine! Well it was when it was just my daughter. Now with two I only do very fast restaurants with no table waiting. The food may not be as good but the much better experience certainly makes up for it! 🙂 at least you have a really good eater as well!

    • I wonder if my friends will ever even invite me us to dinner again? Haha. We definitely need to find some more “kid-friendly”, quick restaurants we can visit for the next time.

      Eating has never been a problem for this one! Counting my blessings 🙂

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