Put a Bib on It

Because I’m the Mom

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Mamas have earned their snuggles.My daughter is blessed with the most amazing grandparents, aunts and uncles. They love her to pieces and have been known to fight over whose turn it is to change her diaper, and not because they hope it’s not their turn again. They actually want to be the diaper changer. Elliot recognizes all of them and (usually) loves when they hold her.

Over the holidays, we spent time with my extended family. That party was a bit overwhelming for our sweet girl. She really was a trooper and let a lot of new people hold her and play with her, but after a few hours she was done. Overtired, over-stimulated and just plain done.

The only thing that would comfort her was snuggling with me—her mom—in a rocking chair. My sister was watching me rock Elliot and said, “I wish that she wanted me like that when she is tired and crabby. Why doesn’t she?”

My response?

“Because I’m the mom, that’s why. I’ve earned these snuggles.”

Because during her nine months of life, I have nursed her or pumped for her more than 2,000 times. I’ve conservatively been involved in more than 500 of her diaper changes. I have rocked her to sleep for 270-ish nights, not to mention hundreds of naps. I’ve sung her favorite good night song, “I’m a Little Frog,” at least a billion times. I’ve memorized Goodnight Moon and taken thousands of pictures of this sweet baby. I’ve washed more than 400 bottles. I’ve folded hundreds of little shirts and pants and dresses.

As much as Elliot loves her grandparents and aunts and uncles, sometimes she only wants the person who knows her the best.

Because I’m her mom, that’s why.

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