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Down on the Farm

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Why not extend your child's learning from books with real experiences?Bryce has recently become really fascinated with a book we have that is all about farms and the animals that live there. It has become one of those books that we have to read every day, often over and over and over again. He loves to go from page to page, pointing at the animals while we tell him the name, often followed by the appropriate animal sound. When we started getting some nice weather, I knew just what we needed to do: take his learning one step further by visiting an actual farm!

You could see the wonder in his eyes as we approached the animals from his book. Bigger than him, yet looking so much like the tiny pictures. We talked about the animals and he instantly made the connections to their sounds. We talked about all of the things we saw around the farm that we had read about in the book. Although much of his language is still hard to understand, we could definitely tell that he recognized the things he saw. He pointed and smiled and babbled and talked.

Now that we have visited the farm, the book is even more popular. Whenever he gets it out we talk about all of the fun we had at the farm and how we saw so many things from his book. It truly is something delightful to see your child learning – to see that “light bulb” come on. Books are great, but experiencing the real thing is truly magical. Children’s books are especially great for making those real life connections, so I encourage you to get out there and do it!

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