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Celebrating with PRIDE

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Celebrating #lovewins!When the Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage came down last week, our family was thrilled. My husband and I consider ourselves allies and have supported gay marriage (and other LGBTQ rights) for as long as I can remember.

The decision came down the day before the Pride Festival in Cincinnati, and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. We hadn’t made plans to attend this year, but on Saturday morning felt like we couldn’t miss celebrating such an historic event.

I found some rainbow pants in our daughter’s drawer and headed downtown. Elliot had never been to a parade before, and she was not disappointed. Think about it from a 14-month-old’s perspective: people in colorful costumes, lots of balloons, bright lights and music. Add in the fact that everyone was waving “to her” and saying her favorite word (“Yay!”), and that little girl was in heaven.

And so were we. Just like I can’t remember a time when interracial marriage was illegal, my daughter is now growing up in a world where marriage is between two people who love each other—any two people. She’ll understand that some families have a mommy and a daddy, some families have two mommies, and some families have two daddies. She won’t think anything about that is strange.

When my daughter grows up, she’ll be able to get married—no matter who she falls in love with. That makes my mama heart very, very happy.


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