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Breaking Up With Christmas

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Feeling sad that Christmas is over? Treat it like a much-needed breakup.I often explain the need to put away decorations and organizing stuff after the holidays as similar to needing closure after a breakup. It’s always such a blue time for me when my family all go back to their out-of-town homes and it seems the giving, magical spirit of Christmas has drifted back to the North Pole. Staring at the lit Christmas tree and stockings on the mantel just makes it harder to get over.

But like in most break-ups, it’s actually for the best. Because the craziness of gift buying, wrapping, swapping, dinner parties, road trips and late nights are behind us and life can get back to normal. Putting away holiday decorations and organizing the house is helpful in moving forward; therapeutic, even. Turns out, it’s the same for Ev.

It’s so easy to forget, especially in the throes of the holiday madness, that children need structure and routine. Between Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s, not to mention a wedding and a birthday party, Ev’s routine was totally disrupted. It’s no wonder some of his behaviors were undesirable. Things he would have handled better, like not getting what he wanted, were cause for some melt downs and foul language thanks to overstimulation, lack of sleep and sugar. Oh, the sugar.

I’m not saying it wasn’t for good reason. Some of my most cherished childhood memories are during the holidays and I want the same for Ev. We only get to see some of our family members during this time and I know he enjoyed spending time with them. Plus, he got presents. Lots and lots of presents.

What I am saying is that hindsight is 20/20. I can now see some possible reasons Ev was a little out of sync because of how rejuvenated I feel now that’s it’s time to get back to real life. Ev helped with cleaning up, donating some unwanted items, and reorganizing, and I can tell that just like me, he feels good about moving on, too.

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